A Mexican Meal

Wow.  Last night was filled with cheap, delicious food, good conversation, and a lot of FUN!

My friends Katie and Luke are having their kitchen re-done (SO jealous! Ahhh to have a dishwasher and ample cabinet space…), so they have been eating out all week.  I joined them at Paula’s Burrito Place, and boy, was it good.

Now, I am sure many of you frequent Mexican restaurants.  What’s not to love?  But have you been to a real, authentic Mexican restaurant?  And I’m not talking Americanized Mexican. Paula’s is the real deal. Family owned and operated, straight from Mexico. The restaurant is nothing fancy and the menu is not terribly extensive, but ohhh can they cook. And fast too!

We walked in, sat ourselves, and menus were brought over to our table along with individual chip baskets and fresh, spicy salsa.  The host provided a friendly reminder that orders are taken at the cash register.

Remember my challenge from yesterday?  Check off Red and Yellow!
I decided on the tostados plate with shredded chicken.  I made to sure to substitute re-fried beans (290 calories, 15 g fat) for black (180 calories, 1 g of fat), and have my for the guacamole and sour cream on the side.  And Bam! Two minutes later- and I’m not exaggerating-  the food was in front of us.
Check off more red and yellow, plus green and black/brown. 
The feast.
Pretty wild, huh?  All that food cost less than $40! An amazing deal!
As far as my NNM challenge goes, I still have more work to do.  But I can say this, last night was definitely a celebration of delicious and mostly nutritious food. YUM!