Back to the Grind

And so it begins…

Yerp. It’s that time of year – Back to school.

I’ve got all my books:

I actually don’t have this one yet. We have to get edition 14, which apparently hasn’t been released by the publisher yet… By the way, did I tell you school starts on Monday?

Oh yes, Monday. As in Labor Day. As in the last fun summer holiday. Mehhh. :/ Damn you, crazy RIT.

So anyway, $500 later, I’m getting started on my first assignment.

Chapter One in Lifecycle.

I’m more than halfway through the 50 pages!

I also have to do an introduction for my Medical Nutrition Therapy class.

No homework for Dietetic Environment though! Woohoo!

I better enjoy it now, because in just 5 short days I am going to have no life.

Check out this schedule:

Wow. You guys get two spreadsheets in one day!

DE – Dietetic Environment
MNT – Medical Nutrition Therapy
NLC – Nutrition Through the Life Cycle
Counseling – I am the new nutrition counselor at the RIT gym!
Hospital – Worrrrk as a Diet Technician
Kickball – I’m going to be playing kickball this fall! Our team name is Slow Kids At Play. Pretty lame, if you ask me. I wanted Kickin’ Grass. Yeahhhh… ;)

My plan is to run and lift in the mornings like I have been these past couple weeks.  It’s so so sooo nice getting up and banging out a sweaty workout.

Here we go Senior Year.  I’m ready to kick your grass!

What’s your fall schedule like? Are you going to be crazy busy too?

Giving Insanity a Go

So you remember how much I wanted to try out Insanity, right? Well, guess what! A friend of mine is letting me borrow their collection! Yahoo!!

I did the fit test, which was definitely a challenge, but I was mostly able to keep up with the athletes on the screen.

And yes, I do have an excel spreadsheet to track my progress. :p I’m a dork like that.

This morning I tested out the Plyometric Cardio Circuit.

I’m not exactly sure why the girl is kicking in that picture. The workout does none of that.

I have to say it was a good sweaty workout. My heart was pumping, and the plank/pushup section rocked my world. I have majorly shrimpy arms…

What I didn’t like was the huge stretching break right after the warm-up. What the heck, dude? I get my heart rate up, just to have it drop back down before the actual workout even starts? Lame.

There is definite room for improvement on my part, which I really like to see. Most DVD workouts tend to leave me feeling like I didn’t quite work hard enough.

Also, do not do this workout in the early morning if you live in an old creaky building with floors that squeak. You will wake the neighbors.

Oops. :( No elephants here. Just me trying to do high knees.

She was really nice though. I apologized and moved myself to the back bedroom which has slightly less room, but more stable (less loud) flooring. It’s also not right above where someone sleeps.

Ch-ch-check it out!

Lots of new things going on here at On the Road to RD.

As you can see, I purchased my own domain!!

Which i think is pretty freakin’ cool.

I’ve reformatted the site, hopefully making it easier for you to read and find information.

There are a few tweeks that still need to be made, such as updating my recipe page. And correcting some links.

I did re-vamp my about me page, so if you haven’t taken a peak at that, go on and check it out!

Also, I am adding a new feature to my workouts page; I’m going to include a list of my daily workouts.

Sweet, huh? So if you’re stuck in a rut, check them out for a little dose of inspiration.

All in all, I think this is going to be a really great change! I’m super stoked about all the new things happening, and the ideas just keep flowing. Keep your eyes peeled!