Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half

Goodmorning chick-a-dees.

I just slept 11 and 1/2 glorious hours.

Me. Both last night and this morning.

In other, perhaps more interesting news, I signed up for the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon!


So on June 10th, I plan on running the Winthrop Half.  I say plan because registration STILL has not opened up… And then I will race on the 23rd in Seattle.  I think that will completely do-able.

I’m SUPER excited to do a race in Washington, especially Seattle since that’s where all my extended family lives.  In fact, my cousin is going to be doing the half as well! Plus, I hear the Rock ‘n’ Roll races are a blast.  I know there are a few of you out there who have done one. What do you think?  Jennie, we must chat about your experience! BTW, Congratulations on your engagement!! Cutest couple ever. :)

In honor of signing up for a race, I am gonna get my booty to the track.  RIT has 2 indoor tracks.  Yes, they are fancy. And yes, I am going to miss this very much after graduation… *sigh*

Have a ROCKIN’ weekend!