Hello and Good Morning!

So if you were on Twitter or Facebook last night, you have heard the good news!





And at my #1 choice too! Woop woop!

I will be heading to SUNNY CALIFORNIA! 

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo here I come!

I was overwhelmed by all the love and support that headed my way following my announcement!

{Names California-style-blacked-out to protect the innocent!}

My feeds were going crazy.

I was on the phone for ever.


For those who are unfamiliar with the town of San Luis Obispo, AKA SLO (said “slow”), check this video out:

PLUS, did you know smoking in public is banned in SLO?  OR that there are no fast food drive-thrus?!  So. awesome.

That on top of the hiking, beaches, bike trails, an amazing farmer’s market, and of course we can’t forget the weather — a runner’s dream! – It’s a healthy girl’s haven.

I am also really, really excited about their rotations!  Specifically, STRIDE [Science through Translational Research In Diet and Exercise] and the Diabetes Research Institute!  AND I will be accumulating GRAD CREDS!

It’s perfect. Absolutely PERFECT for me!

I’m over the moon!

Of course, I documented everything last night.  Here’s a little Before & After:

SO nervous before (hence the healthy glass of red) and ecstatic after!

Congratulations to all the other #RD2Be girls and guys that got matched last night!

And for those who didn’t – Don’t Give Up!  Get on that second round, check out grad schools, & keep at it!

If you are headed to SLO next year, HIT ME UP!  I wanna meet you!

Love, love, love to you all!