CPK Fundraiser!

Calling all PIZZA lovers!

liz lemon lovers meat pizza

California Dietetic Association’s Coastal Tri-Counties Chapter is holding a fundraiser today [ALL day] at California Pizza Kitchen in downtown SLO!

cpk logo

I will definitely be hitting up the Farmer’s Market, then stopping in for dinner after work.  Heck, I may even pop in at lunch to grab one of their kick ass salads too.  Gotta support the cause!



Print this flyer out below, eat delicious pizza, and help support your local dietitians!

Dietetic Association

In case you didn’t read the fine print, take out and ALL beverages are included! Even if you don’t want pizza, come and have a beer with us!

But I don’t know why you wouldn’t want pizza though… I mean, it’s by far my favorite “vegetable.”


Just to clarify, pizza DOES NOT equal vegetable. ;)

And yes, dietitians DO eat pizza too!  It’s all about moderation, right?

Come and join us!

See ya at CPK!

Rotaract COOKIE Fundraiser

Good Monday morning to you!

I’m on my 4th cup of coffee.

I should take a typing test right now, because I am a SPEED DEMON!



Three day weekends allow for things like 7 cups of coffee.

{Which I don’t feel bad about after drinking this article.  I am pro- anything that allows me to incorporate more of my vices into my everyday life.}

And three day weekends is what I will be getting up until January! WOOHOO!

No more Monday classes = 1 of the few perks of being an intern.


Let’s rewind to my weekend baking extravaganza with Rotaract.

First, for those unfamiliar with what Rotaract is {because I had never heard of it until about 2 weeks ago either}:

Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Rotaract clubs are either community or university based, and they’re sponsored by a local Rotary club. This makes them true “partners in service” and key members of the family of Rotary.”

It’s like the young professional version of Rotary.  Cool, huh?

And there are clubs are all over the U.S. {even in little ole’ Wenatchee!}

So anyways, I sort of forced my way in to helping – my friend told me of this cookie fundraiser he was doing for the SLO Noor Clinic and I immediately wanted to get involved. {Hello, I love extending recipes and calculating food costs.


Two weeks later I was baking cookies along side a group of awesome 20-somethings.

vintique_image(1)We had quite the operation going on.

+ 5 batches at a time.


+ 4 ovens blazing.


+ 12 batches of chocolate chip.
+ 5 batches of peanut butter.
+ 5 batches of sugar.


And then we packaged them up in cellophane with nice ribbon {which I wish I would have taken a picture of…}.

I think our final total came out to be about 700 total cookies baked!

Cookie monster approved.


And don’t worry, we did have some veggies and hummus to balance out the sugar overload.  As a future RD, I approved.


Can’t please them all.

All in all a very successful day for a great cause!

I’m off to Power Yoga and then to run up a big hill.

Party On Rockstars!

Dietetic Internship :: Week 1 & STRAVA Running App

Happy Saturday party people.

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted.  This week has been such as awesome mix of hard work and fun.

First things first, #internshiplove.

I have been working my bootay off.  I never thought I would say this, but I am l.o.v.i.n.’ food service management.  It’s seriously like being a party planner.  I get to look at recipes all day, make posters, create menus, organize special events, put together gift baskets, hire caterers… the worst part (which really is not that bad because I <3 spreadsheets) is the food costing, simply because it’s tedious and a bit repetitive.  I think that this is partially due to my lack of a experience.  I am slowly developing processes here and there to get things movin’.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on:

National Eating Healthy Day Special Cafe Menu

Fire Safety In Service

Food Costing/Requisition

Obviously, a work still in progress… ha!


Besides getting my work done, I’ve also been doing work.  Girlfriend’s been getting up at 4:30am to get in an-albeit short-run and logging my progress with this new app called Strava, which is basically like a Garmin (I think they are affiliates, or something).

You start your run or ride on your phone…

Yes, mom, I’m bringing my phone on my runs now.  Happy? ;)

And it maps and times your run.

I’m obsessed with my splits breakdown.

Uh yea, mile 2 was a little hilly {as you can tell my slow ass 10 minute mile pace…}

From these maps, Strava compares your times with other people who have run those same routes.  I don’t know what QOM or CR stands for, but it basically means, you are the fastest person who has run there.  And yes, I’ve got TWO, thank you very much. ha!

And if you want to get real competitive…

You can seek out other saved routes (or Segments, as Strava likes to call them) and try to beat those runners’ times.

And, similar to Daily Mile, you can save your routes, add athletes as your friend, and comment/encourage others.

Check it out! And then add me as a friend and we can race!

So with that, I am out the door for a 11-miler, with a goal to hit up as may segments as possible.


I Have Arrived.

Today marks the beginning of my first full month of California dreaming living.

I arrived in to town a week ago yesterday.  I don’t even have the words to describe how beautiful, incredible, amazing this place is.

Let’s start with the drive down from Washington, shall we?

Our start was a bit of whirlwind.  So we found out that we got the apartment on a Tuesday (the 21st of August) evening.  The next day I called to see what steps we need to take to so we can get moved in on either Saturday of Sunday, as my family and I planned to leave early Friday morning.

Welp, the realty office was not able to assign keys, go through paperwork, and do their formal walk-through of the apartment on the weekends, so that left us with two choices – a Friday afternoon appointment OR a Monday afternoon date.  Seeing that my family had to leave town early Tuesday, Monday was out of the question; there would just be no time to get unloaded, set up, or more importantly, explore the town!  So Friday afternoon it was!

Thankfully, during my conversation with the realtor, my father was out picking up the U-Haul trailer, so at least we had something to pack all my belongings in to, and that’s exactly what we did.  He got home, and we began loading up.  Three hours later my Dad and I hit the road in his truck.  My mom planned to bring up the rear in my Subaru the next day after she got off work.

Whirlwind, no?  Instead of leaving Friday, we left Wednesday afternoon – a day and a half ahead of schedule.  I am usually a planner/scheduler that likes things to run  according to plan, so I really must pat myself on the back for my flexibility during that time – no freak outs, just a get.it.done attitude.

SO, after that whole fiasco, we hit the peaceful road.  I won’t bombard you with photos of the drive down (I took over 300), but here are a few of my favorites.  If you want to see more, check out my facebook albums.

Saying goodbye to the beautiful Columbia River.

Heading in to Oregon.

Gorgeous sunset over the farmlands.

Mt. Hood.

And that was a wrap for Day 1.

Moving on to Day 2…

Beautiful view of the Three Sisters.

And the breathtaking Mt. Shasta.

I mean, seriously, it’s huge!

BTW, Welcome to California! There was no big California sign when we entered, just an agriculture check to make sure we weren’t smuggling any produce into the state. {They allowed our big bag of Costco carrots, thankfully.} You can see why they have this border check, as the rest of road down to SLO [San Luis Obispo] was lined with farmlands, orchards, and vineyards.

The California Aqueduct.

About half hour away from SLO is WINE COUNTRY! I think Paso Robles and I are going to become good friends.

We made it!

That big M stands for Mustangs, the Cal Poly mascot Madonna. {Yeah, was totally wrong on that.}

Dad and I checked out the campus, Friday morning before hitting up the real estate office to pick up keys.

Yay! Found the Nutrition building!

After our quick tour of campus, we picked up our keys and the rest is history!

Welcome Home!

{Pictures from my lovely roomate, Dana!}

I think I’m going to like it here!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Hire Me!

The job search is ON.

Yesterday I dropped my resume off at a local gym, who {unfortunately} had already filled the front desk position.

But you know what, it’s okay! – The disappointment of missing an opportunity lit a fire in my belly.

So this morning I have printed off a gajillion resumes and I’m going to go gym hopping.

Please. Hire. Me.


C-dawg and I surfed the Wenatchee job boards last night – not a whole lot.

Small towns.  I’m tellin’ ya.  If you’ve got work, keep it!  That’s why I am left to my own devices – putting myself out there and hoping someone bites.

Heyo Wenatchee!  Need a nutrition counselor or educator?  I’m your gal!

I’ve also decided that in between job-searching-resume-dropping-off I am going to learn Spanish a la Rosetta Stone and I’m looking in to becoming a certified personal trainer… I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner!

Time to get busy!