You Better WORK! {Announcements!}

Alright, alright, so I know I have been dropping hints all over my twitter regarding my new j.o.b., and a few of you already know, but finally I have a moment to make a formal announcement…

I am going to be the new clinical dietitian at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center!



I know, I know… They spelled dietitian the old skool way.  I may pop over to HR to see if I can get that fixed…

Can you believe it, ME,clinical dietitian! Something a year ago {before my internship} I would have never thought I would pursue!  Goes to show – especially to all you dietetic interns starting out – keep an open mind!  You really have no idea what you may fall in love with!

The hiring process was definitely long and drawn out.  The background check took f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  {I think it’s because they have to check CA, NY, & WA for my records}, which is one of the main reasons I didn’t shout from the rooftops about my new position!  But I am now, and I am thrilled!

My formal start day was this past Wednesday, which was just orientation, and then I jumped in with training on Thursday!


First day jitters!  I arrived 20 minutes early… Excited much?

I just love my co-workers, and the staff is awesome.  The coolest thing I would have to say so far about Sierra Vista is that the communication between the RDs, RNs and MDs is stellar.  I am so impressed how supportive the staff is to the dietitians!  And to top it off, we have an office with a WINDOW and it even opens!  Haha!  Those of you out there who have worked in hospitals, know such working conditions are rare and greatly coveted.  I think the biggest change overall would have to be the electronic medical records – the charting is definitely something to get used to, but I’m getting the hang out it!

So I’ll be doing this part-time/per-diem, and then I will also be working at Spencer’s Fresh Markets as a Consultant Dietitian.  Talk about the dream work situation – a little bit of clinical, a little bit of community!  At Spencer’s, I will be helping them set up healthy recipe demonstrations, promoting local farmers and vendors, social media consulting, and making changes with some store signage.  Cool, huh?!

You know what else is really cool?  So I was putting together my Professional Development Portfolio for my Continuing Education credits a few weeks ago, and I pulled out the guide packet for career guidance that we filled out in our internship months ago…

image (1)

Dream it and do it.

Life is pretty rad.  I’m off to run 9 miles now – 5 weeks till City to Sea!

Have an awesome Sunday funday!