Nutritional Factoids

As I am reading my CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) text, I encountered an eye-popping, jaw-dropping statistic.

Did you know…

A recent USDA survey found that a typical American consumed  
four orders of french fries each week.
Using a large order of McDonald’s french fries as an example, this means each week the typical American will consume in french fries alone 2,000 calories, 880 of those being from fat.  That’s an entire day’s worth of food!  So, 52 weeks in a year times 2,000 calories equals 104,000 calories – An equivalent of 30 pounds of body fat! 

It’s no wonder we have an obesity epidemic in this county.

Oh, and have you heard this gem? Can you tell the difference between the oatmeal and snickers bar?

Yeah, didn’t think so.Both 260 calories, minimal fiber, low in protein, and high in sugar.  Actually, the oatmeal has more added- sugar, sodium and cholesterol than the snickers.  The snickers bar at least sneaks in some healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Pretty sick, huh?


It’s like putting diesel fuel into a sports car.  You just wouldn’t do it.  It is so important to educate yourself about what you put in your body.

Well, off for more reading and educating myself, in the hopes of one day educating others.  Even if it is just one nutritional factoid at a time. 🙂

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