What is Wellness?

Yesterday was the first day of a summer course I am taking at RIT.  The class is called Sports Physiology and Life Fitness.  I waited until now to take this specific lecture so I could listen to the beloved Professor Brewer.  He’s the best!  So smart!

We discussed the Six Components of Wellness, and I thought I would share them with you so you can do a little self-check to make sure you are living a balanced, healthy life.

Physical Health

Includes physical fitness, proper nutrition, performing self-exams, and practicing personal safety (e.g., wearing your seat belt).  This is the cornerstone to maintaining a high level of wellness.

Emotional Health

Also called Mental Health, and includes social skills, positive interpersonal (intimate) relationships, self-esteem, and the ability to manage stress

Intellectual Health

Keeping your mind active through life-long learning, stimulating your brain with input and allowing yourself to have a form of output

Spiritual Health

Having a sense of meaning and purpose in life.  Note:  This does not necessarily mean you must be religious.  People can find meaning in their lives through community service, meditating, spending time in nature, relationships with others, etc.

Social Health

Developing and maintaining meaningful interpersonal relationships (friends), communication skills are crucial in maintaining strong social networks

Environmental Health

The influence of the environment on your healthy, and your behaviors that have an affect on the environment, i.e., Do you recycle? Do you keep healthy foods in your home?  Do you have athletic equipment that would allow you to workout out when you so choose?  Or, is your home or workplace filled with junk food?  Do you drive a gas guzzling vehicle?  Is the X-Box the focal point in your home?

The goal is to have a balance in all areas to achieve a high level of well-being.

Are there areas that you could work on to achieve a healthier lifestyle?

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