Back to the Grind

And so it begins…

Yerp. It’s that time of year – Back to school.

I’ve got all my books:

I actually don’t have this one yet. We have to get edition 14, which apparently hasn’t been released by the publisher yet… By the way, did I tell you school starts on Monday?

Oh yes, Monday. As in Labor Day. As in the last fun summer holiday. Mehhh. :/ Damn you, crazy RIT.

So anyway, $500 later, I’m getting started on my first assignment.

Chapter One in Lifecycle.

I’m more than halfway through the 50 pages!

I also have to do an introduction for my Medical Nutrition Therapy class.

No homework for Dietetic Environment though! Woohoo!

I better enjoy it now, because in just 5 short days I am going to have no life.

Check out this schedule:

Wow. You guys get two spreadsheets in one day!

DE – Dietetic Environment
MNT – Medical Nutrition Therapy
NLC – Nutrition Through the Life Cycle
Counseling – I am the new nutrition counselor at the RIT gym!
Hospital – Worrrrk as a Diet Technician
Kickball – I’m going to be playing kickball this fall! Our team name is Slow Kids At Play. Pretty lame, if you ask me. I wanted Kickin’ Grass. Yeahhhh… 😉

My plan is to run and lift in the mornings like I have been these past couple weeks.  It’s so so sooo nice getting up and banging out a sweaty workout.

Here we go Senior Year.  I’m ready to kick your grass!

What’s your fall schedule like? Are you going to be crazy busy too?


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