I <3 Oats

I went to grocery store and lookie what I found…

Pardon the double chin. I really need to practice working my angles. You know, for my budding modeling career and all. 😉

And also, don’t be offended. I am not sticking my tongue out at you. I am just really excited, possibly even drooling. THAT’s how much I ❤ oats.

I was forced by the oats gods to purchase all three of these boxes, but have yet to try them.  Mainly because, a) I’m not wild about instant oats; b) My microwave kicked the bucket a week ago; and c) I kind of like opening up my cabinets and seeing these boxes with their big ol’ hearts sending me the oats love.

Once my oats muse speaks to me, I’ll break into them.

Do you have any suggestions to put my 18 packets of instant oatmeal to use?

Do you ever impulse buy  simply because of packaging?


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