Land of the Lost

Tomorrow is Friday and going to be a very busy day indeed!

I have a few things that need to get accomplished before the holiday weekend and school starting!

Thank you.  I do appreciate it.

To-Do List:

  • Run 5 miles (40 minutes)
  • Insanity Pure Cardio (45 minutes)
  • Freshmen/Transfer Orientation – Mentor Presentation @ 10am (1 hour?)
  • Read remainder of Lifecycle chapter 1 (45 minutes)
  • Grocery shop @ Calkins Rd. Wegmans (45 minutes)
    • Honey
    • Muffin making ingredients
    • Easy-to-pack lunch foods
    • Lunch tupperware (My supplies have significantly decreased…Where they’ve gone, no one knows.  Does this happen to anyone else?)
    • Fruit to freeze
  • Get quarters (10 minutes)
  • Do laundry (3 hours)
  • Make another freaking appointment to get my oil changed (I made an online appointment last week that apparently never got sent and when I called to confirm, they said they never received it! Grrrr…) (10 minutes)
  • Write bio for my nutrition counseling job (30 minutes)

Okay. Doable.

Wake up at 5 am.  Get workout done.  Get ready.  Go to RIT for Orientation.  Afterwards go to Wegmans and bank. Come home. Start laundry. In the meantime, make appointment, write bio, and start reading.  Attempt to be done with all of this before 6:00 so I can hang out, and enjoy my last weekend of summer!

Better get to bed now so I can get moving tomorrow!

Sweet dreams!

Question:  Do you ever lose things, for example, tupperware? AND Do you have any good protein and fiber-packed muffin recipes?

—Last week I lost a pair of shoes.  Who does this? And more importantly, how?  I have absolutely no idea where they went.


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