Wegmans is the Best

YAY! My Menu Magazine arrived in the mail!

I have never subscribed or requested to be on their mailing list.  It just shows up at my door.  I have a feeling it’s there way of saying, “Thank you for the obscene amount of money you spend at our store each week.”  No, Wegmans.  Thank you.

As pretty much everyone knows, Wegmans is the best grocery store in the land.  Wegmans is king. Wegmans is the rock star of grocery stores.  Wegmans is to us grocery shopping folk what Justin Beiber is to teeny boppers.

See what I mean?

I might very well squeal, “I love you Wegmans” in a moment of insanity!

And now I love them even more.

As I flipped open my mag, right on the first page…

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?!

It’s the new Choose MyPlate!

Oh, Danny Wegman, how I love you!  Way to spread the word AND encourage the good shoppers of Wegmans to eat more veggies!

If you aren’t convinced yet, check this out!

The frosting on Wegmans’ delicious baked goods is now trans fat free!


And on that note, I promptly got my self down to the store and bought lots and lots of goodies.

Like this:

I hear that once you go to the real stuff, you never go back.

I’ve always wanted to try this stuff. All-natural and no high fructose corn syrup!

Raw Honey is also something I have always wanted to give a shot.

This has the possibility of being very frustrating. Patience is not always my strongest virtue.

So I can bring salads to school and keep them nice and cold. And the dressing separate. No wilty greens for me, thank you!

Another new thing. I am still on the fence on how I feel about stevia, but I found a delicious recipe for Pumpkin Protein Muffins and thought I’d try it out.

Stay tuned for that recipe tomorrow!

By the way, if you are wondering…

  • Run 5 miles (40 minutes)
  • Insanity Pure Cardio (45 minutes)
  • Freshmen/Transfer Orientation – Mentor Presentation @ 10am (1 hour?)
  • Read remainder of Lifecycle chapter 1 (45 minutes)
  • Grocery shop @ Calkins Rd. Wegmans (45 minutes)
    • Honey
    • Muffin making ingredients
    • Easy-to-pack lunch foods
    • Lunch tupperware (My supplies have significantly decreased…Where they’ve gone, no one knows.  Does this happen to anyone else?)
    • Fruit to freeze
  • Get quarters (10 minutes)
  • Do laundry (3 hours)
  • Make another freaking appointment to get my oil changed (I made an online appointment last week that apparently never got sent and when I called to confirm, they said they never received it! Grrrr…) (10 minutes)
  • Write bio for my nutrition counseling job (30 minutes)

I forgot to call to make an appointment.  Eh, not that big of a deal.

I also accomplished a few other things too! I picked up Krause which arrived in the bookstore today, and made muffins (I wasn’t planning on doing any baking today- just shopping for ingredients)!

Whew.  What a whirlwind day.  I’m exhausted.


Questions: Do you have a favorite grocery store?  What’s your experiences with raw honey?  Do you like the taste of stevia? Does it make you crave sugar later?


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