I Can’t Hear the Ring-Ting-Tingling

In honor of the weather not being lovely for a sleigh ride together…

But perhaps slightly frightful…

I am trying to do my best to get myself in the Christmas spirit!

Pardon the crooked tree topper. It’s a little heavy for my baby tree. 🙂

Remember, I’m a lowly college student, and I won’t actually be here for Christmas.

But it is nice to have a few decorations up to try and get that chestnuts-roasting-on-an-open-fire feel.

10 More Days!

And remember, when you are out spreading Christmas cheer…

Sip Champagne! Only 100 calories per glass.

Instead of focusing on what not to eat, shift your attention on what to eat.  Aim for at least 5 fruits and vegetables daily!  This will help you resist the urge to gobble down the whole plate of Christmas cookies.

Remember that it’s not all about physical well-being.  Take care of your mental health too.  Go for a brisk walk, take a yoga class, or lie down for a quick nap– whatever allows you to re-charge your batteries.

Yeah! Suck it weather!


One thought on “I Can’t Hear the Ring-Ting-Tingling

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