A Pinterest-Worthy Christmas

Today is my first day of break!

I have three slightly worry-free weeks ahead of me.

As you may know, RIT is on the quarter system, which means we are only three weeks in to our winter quarter.



  • 6 Case Studies on Chronic Disabling Disease
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • COPD
    • Neurological and Psychiatric Conditions
    • Musculoskeletal, Arthritis, and Collagen Disorders
    • Hypoglycemia
  • 2 Case Studies on Renal Diseases
    • Chronic Kidney Disease
    • Renal Transplant
  • 12-15 page Literature Review for Senior Project on “Social Media and it’s Impact on Nutrition Information” (which just happens to be the topic of my choosing, so I’m not too bummed about reading up on the subject )

Needless to say, I will be taking more textbooks home with me over break than clothes… 🙂

Since I will be here in Rochester until the 22nd, I plan to try and get a good chunk of that work out of the way.

My mantra for senior year.

A very intimate relationship with Wenatchee’s Public Library is also likely to proliferate.

What I’m trying NOT to do.

Besides all this homework, I would like to accomplish some Pinterest-worthy baking and styling, because really, what is Christmas without a few dozen cookies and some pretty holiday hair styles?

On the top of my To-Do list:

Christmas Cake Balls

I’ve always wanted to make these bad boys. It seems fairly simple: Bake a cake. Destroy it. Add a container of frosting to destroyed cake. Ball up and add lollypop sticks. Melt chocolate and decorate. Refrigerate. It’s really only the melting chocolate step that intimidates me, which makes doing them at home the perfect time to experiment.
Champagne Jello Shots

I will find a way to incorporate this into my New Year’s Eve celebrations.  I don’t even like jello that much.  I just like any idea that incorporates both champagne AND sprinkles.  Note: This does not count as a 100-calorie glass. 😉
Learn How to Tie Pretty Bows

I would like to learn how to make my Christmas presents more presentable, if you will. 😉 I feel like this is a life skill I should know by now. Adding on: Perhaps I should start more basic. My gift wrapping skills leave a lot to be desired.  Goal: Wrap presents so they don’t look like I gave a two-year-old some paper and tape.
Waterfall Braid

I love braiding and this is such a unique twist on the classic side french braid.  I think it would look really pretty with bouncy curls and maybe a ribbon added into the mix.
Glitter-Dipped Nails

This trend is so awesome. I will definitely be getting down with the nail polish and sparkles this break.
I really could keep going, but I think I better pare down my Christmas Break To-Do List– After all, I still want to relax a little bit!


What are your plans for the holidays?  Anything I should add to my list?


5 thoughts on “A Pinterest-Worthy Christmas

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