Off to God’s Country

Thing have been moving at a slightly slower, more relaxed pace during Christmas break.

“Stelllaaaaaa!” (A tribute to my theater friends.)

A little yoga, some case studies, and getting pretty for no good reason.

Hairline braid. And half smile.  Come on, I just had a beer.

The key is to not fully dry your hair before you start braiding.  It sticks a bit better.  Also, I’ve found that not parting the “braid zone” off into a section before makes it look a bit more natural.

Haven’t started working on the waterfall braid yet.

Plenty of time at home!

Which is where I am headed this morning!

This is quite possibly the least over-packed suitcase of my life.

I’m sure I will realize I forgot something when I get home…

Wenatchee. Remember?

See you in God’s Country!


One thought on “Off to God’s Country

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