I <3 Spreadsheets, and other thoughts from 2011

I cannot believe that 2011 is OVER! (well, almost.)

Yeah, I haven’t even gotten as far as this guy…

I’ve never been one to make resolutions.

Well, if the shoe fits…

I’m totally kidding.  I tend to make lots of small changes throughout the year.

This past year I have become…

…less wasteful.

I used to have a terrible habit of not turning off lights.  It all stems from my childhood fear of ET.

Come on, this guy is freaky.


…a vegetarian.

The cleaned-up version of this comic… 😉

Yeah, I haven’t discussed it on the blog yet, so SURPRISE!

Sorry meat-eaters, no more Hawaiian Steak Stir Fry recipes.


…less of a procrastinator.

Welp, hmmm.  Maybe I’m not as great as I though considering my last point.

Yeah, I’ve been vegetarian for over half a year.

Let’s just say, I’m a little more on top of some areas than others…

…more organized.

This is definitely true.    I’m pretty sure you have gotten that point, as I incessantly rave about my spreadsheets, calenders, to-do lists, and e-mail labeling.

Someone please buy me this.


…and a more informed, well-rounded, soon-to-be nutrition professional!

It still boggles my mind when I think about where I am now; the knowledge and confidence I’ve gained over the past year is enormous.

As you know, yesterday was my first Dietetic Internship visit at Idaho State University (more on that later).  To prepare, I have been compiling my work, examining my strengths and weaknesses, and contemplating future paths I may wish to take.  It’s been incredibly eye-opening, and rather fun!  It’s a good feeling to know that my hard work and exorbitant tuition dollars are paying off. 😉

And on that note, I will leave you, dear On the Road to RD readers.

At least for 2011. 🙂


Have a wonderful New Years Eve and an even-more rocking 2012!


4 thoughts on “I <3 Spreadsheets, and other thoughts from 2011

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