My First Dietetic Internship Visit

Good Morning!

As promised, I have an update on my Dietetic Internship visit at Idaho State University!

I got an early start on the day– up and at ’em at 5:30 am. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to workout, blog, eat, and get ready before my 9:00 meeting.

Ruth (the ISU-Merdian DI coordinator) and I met in the cafeteria of St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center.

Holy smokes, was this place beautiful! The hospital is only 10 years old. It’s only about 150 beds, but part of a larger health system.

We covered the DI competencies, rotation sites, class schedule, number of applicants, tuition and other costs, financial aid, health insurance, and housing. She also took a look at my Portfolio.

While we were chatting away, she mentioned that St. Luke’s had recently hired an RD from Wenatchee and it turns out we went to high school together! Such a small world! Jaclyn was actually working, so she popped in and said hello. It’s always nice to see a friendly Wenatchee smile. šŸ™‚

Next up was a tour of the hospital with Lynn, the preceptor for St. Luke’s.

I was in awe. The building is absolutely gorgeous. Everything is brand new and still expanding! I got to check out all 6 floors. The hospital had a really nice, homey feel. People actually smiled at us and said hello while walking down the halls, unlike a big hopital-that-must-not-be-named where I once worked.

The women were easy to talk to and I felt completely at ease.

Some of the questions that they asked were:

  • What interested you in ISU?
  • Why did you make the switch from theater to dietetics?
  • What makes you a good candidate?

It all seemed to happen so fast, even though I was there for about an hour and 20 minutes.

All in all, I am very impressed with ISU.

After the visit, my family and I toured around the Boise area to try and get a feel for what the city is like.

We started out in the Meridian area, which is all brand spanking’ new. I would categorize this area as your typical suburban sprawl, but it really had a great selection for shopping and restaurants. To be honest, I kind of liked the “newness.”

Then we made our way downtown, which is small but adorable. Some cute, fun-looking bars and shops. I could definitely see myself living in a funky apartment in this area.

Yeah, this apartment will do. šŸ˜‰

Next, we toured through the historic district, which was filled with really well-kept, smaller old homes. We also drove around a few other Boise neighborhoods/suburbs, but I’m not sure what they were named.

Some other points of interest that we took in were St. Luke’s Main Campus, St. Alphonsus Hospital, Boise State’s Stadium, the new site for Whole Foods (woop woop!), and of course, the ISU-Meridian Health Sciences site.

I really like Boise, but I have five other internships I’m looking into, including Central Washington University which I have a visit scheduled for tomorrow.Ā  I’m trying to keep an open mind and not get my heart set on a single site!

If you have any other questions on how the visit went, the questions I asked, what my portfolio includes, or anything else, please let me know!

Now I’m off to make delicious Tortilla Soup with my Dad (recipe coming soon!), and then work on case studies. Ahhh, the life of a Dietetics student. šŸ™‚

This giraffe has been following me around all break.

Peace out.


6 thoughts on “My First Dietetic Internship Visit

  1. This is so exciting! I only applied for one DI (Mayo Clinic) and was so excited when Match Day came and I go in! Looking back though, it might not have been a bad idea to visit a couple of different DI’s first to really get a feel for them. Good luck!


    • YAY! The whole process has been really fun, I must say. I’m not sure how things work in Canada compared to the US, but I’m sure a lot of the questions Internship Directors ask are similar, as well as the other requirements such as your resume, personal statement, etc. Feel free to e-mail me at šŸ™‚


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