Dietetic Internship Visit #2: Central

Only 2 more days until I head back to the East Coast.

Uh oh, senioritis has set in.

I love RIT, but I am really ready to start the next chapter in my life.

This feeling is multiplied indefinitely by my Dietetic Internship visits.

Yesterday, I visited Central Washington University and chatted with their DI Director.

The drive over the pass was a like a winter wonderland.  Fresh snow is oh-so pretty.

See why they call it God’s Country?

But then we ran in to these guys…

War of the Worlds, anyone? Add this to the list with E.T.  These thing freak me out.

About an hour after we left Wenatchee, we arrived in Ellensburg.  YAY!  A nice quick commute.

As a youngin’, I spent many-a-day at Central getting down with Suzuki violinists and dueling it out against other vocalists at Solo and Ensemble Contest, but a lot has changed on Campus since those days.

The buildings are a cool mix of old and new.

The crazy building with the cables is the Athletic Department.  Pretty cool, huh?

My meeting was at Dorothy Purser Hall, which is the home of the Nutrition and Exercise Science Department.

The facilities are really impressive!  The Exercise Science lab has a Hydrostatic Weighing tub AND a Bod Pod!

I chatted and toured with the DI director for about two hours.

We first spoke about my decision to go in to dietetics, the competitiveness and qualifications of the program, and assuring I didn’t have all my eggs placed in one basket.  I appreciated her candidness, as the placement percentage for Dietetic Internships across the country is only about 50%!

We also talked about the rotation sites in Wenatchee, Yakima, and the Tri-Cities, and job placement in those areas.

Another feature of the Central DI that has me super excited is the ability to accrue grad creds (23 credits out of the 43 required for a Master’s).  Central’s program is a little longer than many of the other Internships, as you spend the summer before and after your rotations in class on campus.  The rest of the year you are on site in either Wenatchee, Yakima, or the Tri-Cities.

Some of the questions that were asked include:

  • What are some weakness that employers may have seen in you?
  • Are you able to adapt and adjust in situations where things don’t go as planned?
  • Can you appreciate and learn from various approaches to a case?
  • What were some of the benefits of putting together a Professional Portfolio? (As Central Undergrads aren’t required to compile one currently.)

My visit concluded with a look through some pictures from “Family Field Day.”  This is one of the culminating projects the interns work on.  It is a community event that takes place in Yakima that incorporates healthy eating education with fun and games.  It looks like a blast!  I was really impressed how the numbers in attendance has grown – 50 to 1,000 people-  over the past five years.

As you can tell, I am super stoked about Central’s Internship.  It satisfies a TON of my DI desires.

Once again, trying to keep an open mind and not get too overly excited.

Open mind? Or a screw loose?  Everything in moderation. 😉


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