My Brand New RECIpage

Hey there!

Guess what I’ve been working on!

My new RECIpage!


It was so easy to set up!

Now you can easily browse, search, e-mail, print, or even text On the Road to RD recipes to yourself or friends.

Pretty freaking cool if you ask me!

Since I am a cheap on a student budget, I still haven’t made the switch to a self-hosted site which would allow me to embed my recipes, but hopefully that feature will be coming soon! For now, you can find links on my Recipe Page, the side bar, and below posted recipes that will take you the new and improved RECIpage.

Want to create your own?  Check out It’s free, yo!



2 thoughts on “My Brand New RECIpage

  1. This is awesome! I tried to set one up on my page, but all it did was put sample recipes on my page. Haha, back to trying to figure it out… Your vegan brownies look so good!


    • Thank you!

      Before adding my own there were sample recipes on my page too. You can delete them. I’m really bad at explaining technical things, but Emily @Recipage is really responsive and would probably be able to help you out!


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