Aspiration {Inspiration}

Good Morning!

For a while now, I’ve wanted to create a series of posts dedicated to all things that inspire me.  I want to share ideas, recipes, outfits, projects, quotes and/or all of the above that electrify me.  More and more, it seems I’ve been coming across a fair amount of beautiful pictures that flip the metaphorical aspiration switch, launching me in to dream land.  While Pinterest and other sites are excellent sources of aspiration{inspiration}, it doesn’t quite push me into the taking action phase.  My goal is to move from conceptualization to completion.

I’m going to try and keep this as broad as possible – sometimes posts will be about achieving a desired objective, other times I may just share something that has put a smile on my face.  Additional, I’m not going to give myself  a specific deadline, for example, a ‘Friday Favorites’ or the like.  aspiration{inspiration} posts will be free-flowing, allowing creativity and imagination to bubble up when those so chose.  Keep your eye out for these glimpses into the glittery side of my brain.


So for today’s aspiration{inspiration} I bring you the simple message that spurred this whole idea.


This speaks to me not only as a creator of content on this blog, but as a musician, student, and friend.  I don’t want to  go through life spitting out facts or re-creating someone else’s thoughts.  As a student, I find myself doing a lot of that, and while reading, observing, and analyzing others is an important aspect of gaining knowledge, I don’t want to stop there.  I must make those ideas my own.  Be authentic.

Looking at this message in another aspect, I realize I can’t just sit back and wait for life to come at me.  I must create the life I wish to live and build the relationships I wish to have.  I must initiate the going and the doing.

So in honor of the start of the aspiration{inspiration} series, I vow to allow my creative juices to flow, be silly, sing too loud, laugh too much, work too hard, and create the life that I’ve pictured in my head.  And I hope you all will join with me!

Rock On!


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