Aspiration {Inspiration} :: H to the Izzo

I have been slacking in this area for a while now and it’s time to get back on track.

I saw Lauren’s challenge to herself this afternoon and decided to join in!

Benefits of Drinking More Water

Defend against dehydration
Beautify your skin
Improve digestion
Flush out waste
Increase energy
Support Satiety
Regulate Appetite

Should I keep going…? πŸ™‚

So, how much H to the Izzo do YOU (an average healthy adult) need?

30 – 35 mL/kg of body weight!

Follow these steps:

  1. Calculate your weight in kg (weight in lb / 2.2 kg = weight in kg).
  2. Multiply 30 mL x weight in kg, and 35 mL x weight in kg to find you range
  3. Convert mL into your preferred measurements (oz, L, cups)

For example: I weigh 128 lb and I drink my water out of my 1L Nalgene.

128 lb / 2.2 kg = 58.18 kg
30 mL x 58.18 kg/mL = 1745.5 mL = 1.75 L
35 mL x 58.18 kg/mL = 2036 = 2 L

I need 1.75 – 2 L of fluid a day.

So does that mean I need to drink 2 L of water every single day? (For some people that is a lot.)

Well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt, BUT let’s break down the average intake sources of fluid:

Fluid = 500 – 1700 mL
Water in Foods = 800 – 1000 mL
Metabolic Water (water produced during digestion) = 200-300 mL
Total Fluid Intake = 1500 – 3000 mL

So, if I down at least one of my Nalgene water bottles daily, I will make up the rest through food consumption and digestion.Β  Make sense?

Now – let’s not forget about fluid loss during exercise.Β  Those of you who are active need to increase your fluid intake!Β  How do you know how much water you need to replace?Β  Weigh yourself before and after your workout.Β  For ever 2.2 lb lost OR gained, drink an additional 1 L to replenish. Cool, huh?

My Goal: 2 -3 L of water a day.

While this certainly isn’t Lauren’s goal of a gallon a day (3.785 L), the 2-3 L will cover my daily needs plus any insensible fluid loss from exercise.

So whatdya say? Are you in?


4 thoughts on “Aspiration {Inspiration} :: H to the Izzo

  1. Good luck girl! I’ve been drinking a gallon a day for about a week now and the only negative side effect so far is frequent and urgent trips to the restroom. πŸ™‚


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