This is my plan for tonight: Ignoring reality. That is, after I get off of work at the gym and do my homework for HR… grrr.

I need to shake off some stress, baby!

Okay. Bad joke.  But I am so slap-happy that everything is amusing to me.

I had my MNT II (Medical Nutrition Therapy) midterm today.  And if you follow me on twitter (why aren’t you following me on twitter yet?), you’d have read that the exam SUCKED.

I went from brainiac to birdbrain in the matter of 2 hours. Do’h! Such is life, I suppose. I’m a fairly good test taker, so hopefully I didn’t do as bad as I thought.  BTW, isn’t brainiac an awesome word?  I really should start using that more often.

Welp, my birdbrain is fried now, so this is about as much as you’re gonna get out of me today.

Sorry about that.

Happy Friday, BRAINIACS!




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