BodyRock in the House Tonight

As I’ve mentioned (a few times), I am doing the 30 day challenge.  I’m a little behind the main group – just starting in on week 3.  But I gotta tell ya – I’m lovin’ it! (bah-dah-ba-ba-bah)

This morning we repeated the fit test (50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest) we completed on day 1, and in most areas I am getting stronger! Woopwoop!

Week 1

Exercise Reps
Squat Jumps 35
Push-ups 29
Burpees 15
High Knees 114
Switch Lunges 23
Tuck Jumps 22
Sit-ups 27

And then 2 weeks later:

Week 3

Exercise Reps
Squat Jumps 40
Push-ups 29
Burpees 16
High Knees 141
Switch Lunges 33
Tuck Jumps 24
Sit-ups 26

Not bad for 2 weeks strength gains.

I’m pretty pleased.  I think I could probably push myself to go a little faster on the squat jumps, burpees, & push-ups. Something to focus on.  Plus, I know that the loss of single sit-up is not a huge deal, but when I started this challenge I was doing pilates daily.  Perhaps that’s something I need to add back in every once in a while.

I also really need to start incorporating more cardio into my life once again – not that BodyRock doesn’t get my heart rate going – I am just craving that peaceful mental space that only a long run provides.

Time to get ready for class. We got dumped on last night, so I am sure my ride to school is going to be a beast.

I’ll leave you with a little Monday Motivation.


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Crush it.


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