That’s So Herbaceous!

Happy February, yo!

Well, maybe not so happy.  February is my least favorite month of the year.

I feel you, Garfield.

Something must be done to distract me from the loathing and hostility that’s likely to ensue.

Something that will lessen my fixation on the gray skies.

Something that will help me flex my creative culinary muscles, fuel my body right, amp up digestion, ward of sickness, and boost energy… but what?

By God! I think I’ve got it!


For the month of February, I am going to EAT A SALAD EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!

Party time! Excellent!

Wayne and Garth approve.

Now, I am an equal opportunity vegetable lover. A Veggie Freak. A Veggie-a-holic.  But I tend to get stuck in veggie ruts, where I eat the same veg over and over and over again, or simply rely on my go-to salad to get my greens. I’m looking to mix it up, baby!

I hereby declare February Super Salad Extravaganza Month.  Totally herbaceous, dude!

You can bet I will be posting my favorite creations.

Need a little salad-inspiration?  Check out:

Step away from the candy bar.  Let’s try and keep it real, people.



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