Annnnd we’re back.

After a weekend of sitting in front of my computer for hours on end (case studies, of course), I could not bring myself to stare at a screen voluntarily.

Sorry for the disappearing act.

I’m obviously the snow flake in this situation…

So in very cool, somewhat related news (RIT consumes my life), last night BILL NYE the Science Guy was announced to be the keynote speaker at graduation!

Billbillbillbillbillbill Bill Nye. The Science guy.

HECK YES! I’m SO excited.  Do you KNOW how many hours my little brother and I spent watching this dude?  SO many.

(By the way, did you catch the typo in that meme… Bill Nye would not approve! Precision, people!)

It’s so true.  Give me some more of that science, Bill. 😉

And last but certainly not least, one for my nutrition girls…

Ohhhhh shoot!

That’s totally becoming my new go-to ‘yo mamma’ joke.

Not that I have one now.


(I don’t think Bill would approve of made up words, either.  I’m just a little excited!)

Have a great Thursday!

Science Nerd: Out!



3 thoughts on “BILL NYE!

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