Dietetic Internship Application? Check!


I am DONE with my Dietetic Internship Applications!  They are turned in, sent off, and paid for!


Yo dawg, not mundane.

I have been planning and dreaming and scheming, and most importantly, working my booty off for this for over a year.  And while I know that I don’t have an Internship yet, I think the hardest part is behind me.  Well, except for the waiting. I hate waiting.  I think I actually mentioned that in my personal statement… 😉 Impatient, much?

Slightly frightening.

I was nervous to pull the trigger, going over everything a million times, checking, re-checking, but finally I did it.  It. Is. Done.

So what’s next?  I *hopefully* will have a couple of phone interviews (some internships do, some don’t) and then I wait for match day!

Now I just have to make it through two more weeks of crazy classes + finals week, and [I think] the rest of my senior year will be smooth sailing.

I can do this.

Have a great week, rock stars!


6 thoughts on “Dietetic Internship Application? Check!

  1. Way to go Stephanie! What a relief it is to have the applications submitted. I hate to think that I am sitting here counting the days and wasting my life away until April 1st but its hard not to just want it to be match day! I am definitely feeling you about senioritis…we’ll make it though…ha, no choice!


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