More Wine, Please

Hello my little cupids.

Hopefully you aren’t dealing with a champagne and conversation heart hangover… I’m certainly not, as I’m sure you all deduced after my bitter, old lady post yesterday.

Not that I didn’t have a little wine…

And in case you are in fact stalking my garbage, lemme help lighten your workload–  I prefer a dry Columbia Valley Riesling.

I’m actually a fairly happy camper.  I went to bed with a smile on my face, and woke up with one too.

Probably the wine.

Moving on!

Today is DICAS application due date day! WOOHOO! Wow. February 15th is a day I thought would never come, but it’s here.  Good luck to all you Future RD’s out there!

To celebrate, I am going to be doing our 2 final case studies! Unbelievable.  If I had to count up the hours I have spent toiling over these damn things… Stop! Just give me more wine.

Now, come on. We’re health professionals here. A whole box wouldn’t be healthy…


Happy Wednesday!




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