I have a mish-mash of stuff/pictures that I haven’t gotten around to doing anything with, so instead of letting it disappear into the land of lost content, I’m just gonna combine it all for your viewing pleasure.


Last Thursday:

Fuel Up to Play 60!

Annie, Katie, and I volunteered at a local elementary school…

…and taught 60 5th grade kids about healthy eating and exercise.!

Sponsored by the NFL and The American Dairy Council.

Annie and Katie’s Station: MyPlate!

My Station: Re-Think Your Drink!

It was a BLAST!  We all hope to do more events like this in the future.  I love kids. 🙂



New Music Finds

Can’t get enough of St. Vincent.

…and dancing around like a crazy person to shake off the stress of the last week of classes before finals!

Check out my YouTube for more of my favorites.

Oh and this funny find!

Fairly accurate, I’d say. 🙂



Violin Hands

More stress relief.

After not touching it for over a year, I pulled out the ole’ violin and played for a few hours.

My fingers still hurt today…




Finishing up my group project for Food and Beverage Management.

Writing my final paper for HR.

Finishing up my Senior Project.

A pertinent question, Philosoraptor, as I do live in an apartment…


Whew. I’m exhausted!

Later Gators.



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