Running Shoes {and other activities to keep me busy during break}

Good Mornin’!

If that doesn’t put you in a great mood this Sunday morning, then I don’t know what will!


So today we are going on Day 3 of Spring Break, and of course it’s snowing and freezing out.

Just gotta make it to Wednesday.

Despite the snow and freezing temperatures, I am going to go out and buy myself some new running shoes today.  [I’ll test them out on the indoor track at RIT.]  I think I am going to go with something a little more lightweight and minimalistic.  Not barefoot though. That’s just crazy to me.

I have been a Mizuno Wave Rider girl for years now, but I have a hankering for change.

I always go to Fleet Feet, but it was suggested to me that I try Medved. Change all around!

Nah girl, new shoes.

What are you running in?


In other news, I got my hair{s} cut.

I posted a picture of it yesterday on twitter.

I’m digging the bangs.  Plus, I got a smattering of highlights around my face.

Ignorance is bliss.


Last but not least, I need your help!

I have an ancient crackberry and I need to get with the times.  I went to Verizon yesterday, but my sales dude was an {excuse my french} asshole.  I want something with a good camera, preferably a keyboard [the touch screen scares me, but I suppose I could adapt], and is not going to completely break the bank…

iPhone? The other kind? I am so lost.



Alright, enough of this weird, needy post.  I think I am already going through nutrition-girl-talk withdrawals! [Hope you all are having a great time at home with you families!]

Time to get going with my day!

Have a lovely Sunday!



4 thoughts on “Running Shoes {and other activities to keep me busy during break}

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