Weekend Update

Monday, Monday.

Back to class today!  Spring break was pretty excellent.  Took me a while to get into break mode.  Definitely started out a little rocky, but certainly eased into being a bum.  Ha!

Yes, there was a bit of that, but also a little of this…

Which was awesome, because I had not done any cardio {except my beloved BodyRock} for months.
So maybe not a complete bum…
I’ll just keep telling myself that.
For all those who care, my schedule for the Spring is awesome.
Day Time Class/Activity
Monday 12-4 Product Development
Tuesday 8-10 Community Nutrition
Tuesday 10-2 Nutrition Counseling
Tuesday 2-4 Leadership
Wednesday 12-4 Product Development
Thursday 10-2 Nutrition Counseling
Friday 9:30-5:30 Shadow Dietitian
Yes, this is the way to go out seniors.
Product Development = Awesome Cooking Class
Community Nutrition = Awesome Final Nutrition Class
Leadership = Awesome Presentation Class
Nutrition Counseling = Awesome Job at the Gym
Shadow Dietitian = Awesome Private Practice Experience
Yeah, yeah, yeah.  My descriptions are a bit lacking – I’ll fill you in as we go forth.
Catching Up
On Friday, I received my DSLR!
It was a terrible wait for the damn thing.
It arrived about 5 minutes after I tweeted that…
I’ve taken about a million pictures.  Most of them being of random things, as I test out the settings.  I promise I will post some soon, as the quality is ah-mazing.  Something to look forward to!
Saturday was my first phone interview with Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo!
Let me tell you, a half hour phone call never went by so fast.
I do want to go into more detail with this, so I am going to save this topic for a later post.
Sunday, I basically slept all day.
I’m not kidding you.
I got up super late, ran 7 miles, took a long {3 hour} nap, ate, and went to bed.
Bum status.
That’s all I got for now, folks.

Have a great Monday!


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