NNM and Dietetic Internship Update

Heyo! It’s Tuesday and Week 1: Day 2 of The Last Quarter of Undergrad.

I may or may not be starting all of my posts this way from now on until graduation…

Haven’t decided.

Lazy college senior is too lazy for decision making.


This morning I had my 8am Community Nutrition Class, where we discussed all of the wonderful activities we have planned for the quarter, especially National Nutrition Month.

Woop Woop!

The highlights are as follows:

  • Attending and presenting my Senior Project Research at the NYSDA (New York State Dietetic Association) Annual Meeting and at the RIT Imagine Festival
  • Provide Nutrition Education to School #8 in Rochester
  • Holding an RIT National Nutrition Month Challenge headed off by a proclamation of NNM by the Dean!

This, of course, includes my 8 hours spent shadowing the private practice dietitian at On Nutrition.

We will also be reading Marion Nestle’s new book, Why Calories Count.

I follow her blog, which can get a little heavy at times, but I think it will be fairly interesting.

There are plenty of other assignments, which I won’t bore you with, but needless to say, I will be a busy little bee.


Internship Update!

Have any of you been going c-c-crazy with trying to finalize your D&D match order decisions?

I thought I had it down pat, but I am re-thinking my order once again.

Even though this whole process of not knowing has driven me {cuckoo} at times, I’m grateful.

I know I haven’t shared with you my order (nor will I, as it changes too frequently), but this extra time has really allowed for additional evaluation.  I thought I knew what I wanted, but now I’m not so sure.

I think there are plenty of paths I could take.  [And most would make me perfectly happy.  There is not a single internship that I applied to that I wouldn’t be ecstatic to attend.]  I just want to ensure I am putting the best fit for me at the top.

It’s time to go back and re-look at the internships rotation sites, hospitals, the relationships I’ve built with preceptors through this whole process, offerings the cities have outside of dietetics, the weather, proximity to family, my desire for adventure…

A lot to think about…

My dad always says, “Life is one big process of starting over.”

Daunting, but exciting to think of it that way.

Alright, enough of this serious stuff.

Have a kick-butt kind of Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “NNM and Dietetic Internship Update

  1. Hahnaha…I TOTALLY feel the same way about the countdown to graduation…let it begin!…Or end?!

    I am definitely starting to question my D&D rankings. I’m glad I’m not alone! When do we have to finalize them by?! (I should know this…) It is hard when they all have positive/negatives but fingers crossed we’ll get the one for us!


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