A Week in Review + St. Patrick’s Day!

Helloooo Friday!

Who are we kidding here?  I always have fun.

So yesterday brought to a close classes for the first week of Spring quarter, and I must say, I think I am going to have a blast during the next {10} weeks.  All of my professors are engaging, fun, and thought provoking, which is such a relief, due to the fact that the difficulty level [I feel] will be quite lower than past quarters.  I don’t wanna be bored, yo!  And thanks to these awesome teachers, I’m fairly sure I won’t be.

Today is my first day at my community nutrition site, On Nutrition.  I am really excited to learn what I will be doing.  You may have a second opportunity to read my flowing prose {ha!} on her blog. And maybe even see my goofy smile, as she had asked me about my interest in vlogging when we spoke on the phone the other day.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day!  Crazy, huh?  I certainly have some Irish in me, so beers are a given.  I must do my duty and make the O’Bryan side of my family proud.

I’ve actually never had green beer before… I’ll let you know if that changes after tomorrow.

Okay, time to get moving!  Have a great Friday and an even better Saturday! Woop Woop!

You know it.

May the Luck of the Irish be with you!



One thought on “A Week in Review + St. Patrick’s Day!

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