The Day After

Oh. My. GOSH! How FUN was yesterday?! So fun.

The day started out with Johnny’s Runnin’ of the Green.

Josh’s getup {or lack thereof} was a hit!

I was really pleased with my time, as the race was a rather last minute decision.

Time: 36:40
Pace: 7:20/mile
Overall Place: 305
Age Group Place: 17

Josh kicked major booty too –  33:12 // 6:38/mile.  Speed.Demon.

The race was followed by beers, sunshine, naps, delish food (Thanks to Dave and Mary!), more beer, and a batch of botched [but still edible!] brownies.

A successful St. Patrick’s Day indeed!

I’m also amazed by how good I feel today.  I’m taking precautionary measures by rehydrating and going on a longer-ish, slow run.

How’s was your St. Patrick’s Day?


2 thoughts on “The Day After

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