Winthrop Half Marathon and DI Matching

Annnnd it’s Monday again!

This weekend crept by, and I am actually really looking forward to going back school and work.  Yeah. I’m a weirdo.

So today is kind of a special day:  My Dietetic Internship match order is due.

I am so ready for this madness to end.  I seriously feel like a crazy person when I think about it.  I just want to know where I am going in 9 short weeks.

Ugh gawd. Anxiety.

I am really trying to enjoy the rest of my time here in Rochester, but this whole living-on-a-deadline thing has got me acting like a freak.  Could it be that I am actually scared & sad to leave?  I am pushing and pulling everyone around me in strange directions in order to make the move easier, when I’m pretty sure no matter what I do, it’s going to suck.  It’s time to pull it together, because there is no reason for it to suck for 9 weeks and then move.

How about everyone just follow me back to the West Coast?! Solved it!

You know it!


In other {less depressing} news, I signed up for the Winthrop Half Marathon!

I may be sore as hell (hello downhill race) for Seattle RnR, but I’m gonna take my chances!

I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to run a race here:

It’s okay to be a teensy bit jealous…

Yeah, check out that elevation… I’m going to be flyingggg!

Run with me!!


Alright!  Off to School #8 to talk to kiddos about sugary drinks!  Re-Think Your Drink, yo!

Have a great week!


8 thoughts on “Winthrop Half Marathon and DI Matching

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