National Nutrition Month: Re-Think You Drink and LARD!

What a gray a gloomy day.

I need the sunshine back in my life!

I wish I could say that was the case, but at least now I [and probably you] have this fun song stuck in my head.  That’s enough to cheer a girl up!


Yesterday, I had my turn at the Student Dietetic Association’s National Nutrition Month table at the Student Union (SDA for NNM at the SAU).

We had lots of fun games for students to play…

…and GREAT prizes! Check out that cool measuring spoon!

We also had TONS of information and handouts.

Those apples are stress balls with the “Get Your Plate In Shape” logo! Sa-weeeet!

We also had some great visuals.

LOVE the tangible MyPlate!

Yes. That would be the lard content in your favorite burgers…

  • McDonald’s Cheeseburger: 12 g of fat = 3 tsp
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese: 26 g of fat = 6 1/2 tsp
  • Five Guys Hamburger: 43 g of fat = 10 3/4 tsp
  • Red Robin Bacon Cheeseburger : 69 g of fat = 17 1/4 tsp


Yeah. Not as appetizing when you serve it up that way!

And of course,the famous Re-Think Your Drink models.

Just add water!

  • Bottle of Apple Juice: 52 g of sugar = 13 sugar cubes (tsp)
  • Gatorade: 56 g of sugar = 13 sugar cubes
  • 20 oz Coke: 65 g of sugar = 16 1/4 sugar cubes
  • Arizona Iced Tea: 72 g of sugar = 18 sugar cubes
  • 20 oz. Mt. Dew: 77 g of sugar = 19 1/4 sugar cubes

I die.

I would say the day was a great success!

Pretty girls!

Have a Cheery Thursday!


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