A Look Back at March Madness

We are back to normal.  Whatever that is…

Ugh.  I have a strong feelings regarding that {certain group of individuals} of who constantly talk about bacon.  I mean, seriously…

Okay. Getting off track here.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make was life is not so hectic and stress inducing. 🙂

March was a very productive productive month!

National Nutrition Month is over:

I would say all in all NNM was a HUGE success!  Keep that healthy eating up, people!

Dietetic Internship craziness is over:

Another HUGE success! I am still beaming over my match to Cal Poly, SLO!

Now what?

I’m sure I will find little side projects to keep me busy. I’m not one for sitting still. 🙂

Speaking of side projects, last night I did a bit of work on the ole’ blog.  Do you like the new cleaned-up sidebar and buttons?

That is all for today.

Good Day!


2 thoughts on “A Look Back at March Madness

    • Thanks!! Breaks always go like that for me too! I always seem to get the “relax” part down the day or two before it’s back to school. Regardless, enjoy your week off! 🙂


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