Dirt Cheap – Race #1 :: Recap

Well, I got the chance to run a trail race MUCH sooner than I had thought!

Last night, I joined my friend Josh (remember, the speedy kid) and the rest of the trail running crew, and raced in Fleet Feet’s first installment of the Dirt Cheap Trail Race Series.

I really like the illustration on the bib.  Mud Man/Swamp Thing.

The race really was dirt cheap – only 12 bucks!

Obviously, I didn’t have time to go get new trail running sneaks, so my good ole’ Mizunos had to do. [I wish I would have taken pictures last night of them all muddy, but I was exhausted.]

I felt fairly comfortable in the for the majority of the race, although the leaves and loose dirt sometimes scared me.  And the downhills…  We were talking afterwards, and apparently trail running is something that, over time, you get a feel for.  You can’t keep tight.  I was watching some of the other runners and they put the arms way out for balance.  It seemed to help!

BUT near the middle of the race, I did lose one to the mud, which made me super angry as four guys passed me.

Don’t worry.  I caught RIGHT back up {after getting the damn thing back on, mud and all} and passed them.

Time: 39:40
Age Group Place: 1st (!!!)
Women’s Place: 2nd
Overall Place: 34th

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my results, although I wish I was stronger on the steep hills.

More training!

And a trip to Medved for some better shoes. Ha!

Party on, Rockstars!


2 thoughts on “Dirt Cheap – Race #1 :: Recap

    • It was fun, and super challenging! I am a little sore today… those hills! The race was at 6:30pm, so it was still light. Yeah, there would have been no way I could/would have done it in the dark! Scary!!


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