Monday Madness

Hello there.

I’m slightly grouchy this Monday morning because:

Reason #1.  I woke up to this…


Okay, okay. Perhaps it’s not that bad. But it is currently snowing here in lovely Rochester, NY. Blerrggggg.


Reason #2.  Both of my damn camera batteries are dead.

Hence the internet photo of snow.

I also wanted to take pictures of my new trail running shoes.

New Balance WT110s



Weight:  Women’s: 6.2 ounces

Heel-Toe Offset: 4 mm (12 mm heel, 8 mm forefoot)


  • Laser Cut Synthetic Upper
  • Forefoot Rockplate
  • Broad Forefoot
  • New Balance Minimus Last
  • Socklined Non-Removable Insole

“The lightness and excellent fit of the 110s made me feel quite agile and I would say almost ninja like out on the trail.” – Red Rock Running Company

They are freaking awesome.  Perfect for transitioning into a more minimal running shoe.

But you are going to just have to trust me until I can take proper pictures and give you a review, which leads me to…


Reason #3:  I pulled a muscle in my quad.


It’s only slight, but I have to/should rest, which I really, really don’t want to.  I want to go break in my new shoes!!

I guess it’s good that it’s snowing…

As a deterrent.

And only for that reason!

I am so sick of SNOW.



Summer, please!?

I will even take an ounce of Spring.


Stay Warm, Friends!


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