Decided I’d Race This Morning

Well, well, well. Hello there.

I am up BRIGHT and early to race in this morning’s Flower City Half Marathon!

I promise I wasn’t trying to keep this race a big secret; I decided on running it yesterday.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute… ha!

I’ve always wanted to run this race since I’ve lived in Rochester, but it always seems like I’ve had work, or haven’t been quite ready for the distance, or some other excuse…  But no excuses this year! {Plus, it’s the last time I’m going to be around before heading back to the West Coast.} So I’m going for it!

I’m calling it my half-way-through-training-for-my-other-half-marathons check-up, as I am in week 6 of 12 before the Winthrop Half.

I’m not exactly sure what to expect, but I feel fairly confident in my fitness level.

I have made huge strides (no pun intended) since I got back on the metaphorical horse back in March.  Going from a 7:30ish pace to yesterday’s 5 miler at an average of 6:36 min/mile.  Yeah, dawg!

I did 11.5 miles last Sunday at a 7:02 pace, but I’m thinking I can push it a bit.

I would love a sub 1:30… but I have to remember: This is just a check-up!

If you are around/awake this morning you should come down and cheer us all on!

Yeah! Amp it up! Woooo!

I’ll be in the one in the most obnoxious neon green headband/ear warmers you have ever seen!

Happy Racing Sunday!




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