Pump. It. Up.

Hello ladies and gents!

Happy May 1st!



So with the beginning of May comes a {new} challenge.

I may or may not be up to my old tricks.

Are you guys ready for another BodyRock 30 Day Challenge?!

I awoke this morning to this notification from my lovely friend Colleen (and the creator of Baby Bump Academy)…

Isn’t she the freaking best?  I love this girl.

Speaking of women needing muscles, check out this article at On Nutrition on the topic, and corresponding study.

It’s time ladies!  Let’s take over the weight room!

Unbelievably sexy.

It’s good to have goals right?

Achievable, measurable ones.

30 days.

Let’s do this.

Bring on the squats.



6 thoughts on “Pump. It. Up.

  1. Squats are such a fundamental exercise to any physique that it’s a shame a lot of people neglect to ever do them. You can only get so far with only leg extensions and leg curls.

    Have a great 30 days! Also, thanks for promoting weight training for women! It’s a big push of ours as well. 🙂


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