Back at it

Guess who’s back among the living!

{or girl, rather.}

I’m feeling a ton better.

Yesterday I basically lived on my couch, read, watched bad tv, and cranked out a bit of homework.

I slept like a maniac too, made sure I was hydrated, and added an extra yogurt to the ole’ diet.

My stomach is still feeling a little bit uneasy, so I’m going to continue with a nice bland diet today.

I also made a complete mess of my apartment.

It’s amazing how messy things can get if you don’t pick up after yourself for a mere two days…

Don’t worry, mom [she’s probably having a heart attack] — I at least picked things up this morning.


So the exercise plan for today is to test of the stomach and go for a 3 mile jaunt, then BodyRock it UP.

Since my fever has broke, I don’t see why I can’t.

Then off to nutrition counseling, class, more counseling, and then home to get prepared for tomorrow’s trip to Albany!

We leave at 5:00 am! Blergggg.

I can’t remember if I told you why I was going…

I’m presenting my research on The Impact of Social Media on the Circulation of Nutrition Information at the New York State Dietetic Association’s Annual Meeting and Expo.


RIT was nice enough to pay for all of us girls to travel, attend, and display our work.

I’m really excited as this will be my first professional conference and opportunity to network with a ton of RDs!

Hopefully all of our work will be well-received!

Check out my twitter feed for a play-by-play tomorrow, or the following for more info: @NYSDAmeeting, #2012AME, & #NYRDChat.


Time to get crackin’.

Rock ‘n Roll!


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