Road Trip!


It is 3:56am as I am currently typing this (I am scheduling this post – so by the time you actually read this I will almost be to Albany).

I can’t believe I am actually up.

Pardon any and all typos.

I’ve already made it through my first cup of coffee and started on number 2.

I’ve got my clothes, camera, notebook, and car phone charger laid out for a day of fun at the New York State Dietetic Association’s Annual Meeting & Expo.

I’m going to be road trippin’ it up with Katie and Annie today – it’s going to be wild. A subaru filled with over-caffeinated soon-to-be college graduates… Oh yeah, it’s going down.

As wild as you can get while wearing pencil skirts and heels…

You can follow the action here, here, and here.

In the meantime, I will leave you with two of my least horrendous/eye-averting race photos {the majority of them were seriously horrible}.

I keep up with the boys.

And pass them.

Eat. My. Dust.

Okay, I’m delirious.

Time to get ready.

Happy Friday!


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