Packin’ It Up

Holy smokes! This week has gone flying by!

Let’s Recap:

  • Monday: Massive amounts of homework (aka busy work)
  • Tuesday: SDA Bake Sale, final presentation for Community Nutrition, last meeting with my two weight-loss clients
  • Wednesday: Final exam for Product Development, scrubbing the food lab, purchasing the senior gift for our advisors, SDA leadership hand-off meeting/party
  • Today: Last nutrition counseling session, more homework

Plus training for my half marathons.

And packing.

Which is just slightly depressing.

Yes, I buy my moving boxes.  I’m weird like that.  (I want my stuff to be clean and fresh. I think I get that from my Mom.)

It took me far too long to figure out how to put the damn boxes together.  Apparently, I am more of a linguistic learner, versus spatial, as according to Gardner.  Either that, or the directions are just terrible.


My next challenge was to figure out what to put in the boxes.

Trying to organize books into piles, somewhat dependent on my immediate need.  This pile needs work – I’m fairly certain I will not need He’s Just Not That Into You and French Women Don’t Get Fat any time soon. Ha!

Knick-knacks go in one pile.

Furniture-y stuff in another pile.

As you can see, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I’m just trying to avoid this look as we drive the 3,000 miles across country.

Moving? Or going to the dump?

I’d much rather bask in my accomplishments…


A little surreal to be wrapping up the year.

Stay cool.




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