I. Did. It.

Yes, dear friends.

I have done it.

As of last night at 12:35am, I submitted my LAST final exam of my undergraduate coursework!

Yeahhhh. I drop-boxed the shizz out of that final exam.

What! What!

It was surprisingly very easy to write.

The words just seemed to flow effortlessly.

It’s as if the angels were guiding me, whispering in my ear, “You’re almost there! Keep going!”

Orrrr maybe it was just the margarita I had with dinner.

Probably should have re-read that over again this morning with a clear head…

But, it doesn’t matter now, because I. AM. DONE!


Time to celebrate!

Party On, Rocker Dudes!


3 thoughts on “I. Did. It.

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