Better Late Than Never: Graduation Part 1

Well, you will never believe it.


Stephanie Wilson
Bachelors of Science, Nutrition Management.
Minor, Exercise Science.
Highest Honors.

Yes, I know I am a little behind schedule as far as updating the blog on all this –  It was quite the busy weekend (and very long week to follow).

Thankfully, as you remember, I finished all my coursework up on Tuesday night of graduation/finals week, which left me Wednesday to finish up all my packing.  Packing s.u.c.k.s.

Wednesday was dedicated to packing, and Thursday Mom and Dad arrived in town!

That night we went to my favvvvorite Rochester restaurant, The Gate House.

Hello, delicious sweet potato french fries.  Gobble + gone.

And White Goat Cheese Pizza. Heaven, I’m in heaven.

(Definitely not Low FODMAP/gluten-free friendly – and yup, I paid for it, but oh, so delicious at the time.)

Friday was dedicated to some cleaning of the apartment with the ‘rents.  (Yes, I owe them big time.)

Goofing around.

Such a wise old owl.

And then Convocation with BILL NYE!

According to University News, there was over 6,000 people in attendance to hear his keynote address.  People (including my entourage) were ushered into overflow seating in the hockey arena.  He encouraged us to, “Dare I say it, Chaaaaangee the Worrrllddd!” particularly when it came to issues of global warming.  The whole speech was pretty awesome, kind of like a live Bill Nye the Science Guy TV show.  I was really hoping for a bucket of water to be splashed in his face for a big finale, but no dice.  I guess I wouldn’t want to spend the next hour or so in wet clothes either…

It was such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by all of the RIT graduates.  Incredible energy.  I know we are going to have mind-blowing-out-of-this-world-astounding-stupdendous careers.  Yes. Indeed.

Well… some RIT grads may have a tougher time than others…  BUT I believe in us all!

President Bill Destler even mentioned during his speech that he applied to 1,000 jobs before a bite!


Bill Squared!

And on that poor joke, I conclude Part 1 of the Graduation Series.

Later, gators.



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