Hire Me!

The job search is ON.

Yesterday I dropped my resume off at a local gym, who {unfortunately} had already filled the front desk position.

But you know what, it’s okay! – The disappointment of missing an opportunity lit a fire in my belly.

So this morning I have printed off a gajillion resumes and I’m going to go gym hopping.

Please. Hire. Me.


C-dawg and I surfed the Wenatchee job boards last night – not a whole lot.

Small towns.  I’m tellin’ ya.  If you’ve got work, keep it!  That’s why I am left to my own devices – putting myself out there and hoping someone bites.

Heyo Wenatchee!  Need a nutrition counselor or educator?  I’m your gal!

I’ve also decided that in between job-searching-resume-dropping-off I am going to learn Spanish a la Rosetta Stone and I’m looking in to becoming a certified personal trainer… I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner!

Time to get busy!



2 thoughts on “Hire Me!

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