So You Wanna Become a Personal Trainer…

Hey there again!

Two posts in one day!

Lucky ducks.

As I mentioned this morning, in my attempt to find structure and add routine to my summer break, I am going to be pursuing a personal training certification!

{The last two boxes are also applicable to RDs…}

So like the good little student I am try to be, I want to make sure I get the right certification.

Spreadsheet to the rescue!


{If you are new to the blog, that would be superhero music.}

The three options I am considering {although there are many, many more} include:


This is what I’ve discovered from their websites…

* I’m thinking I can get cheaper books on Amazon/Barnes and Noble though…


This is what I’ve discovered from a few articles, forums, and discussions…

  • The ACE certification, while highly recognized, is not as well respected as ACSM and NSCA [okay, so ACE is out]
  • ACSM markets themselves as the “gold standard” for CPT certification
  • NSCA and ACSM are recognized by the NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies)
  • The ACSM Health Fitness Specialist [which I plan to work towards eventually] qualifies you to work with individuals in poor health [Carol from On Nutrition is a HFS]
  • The NSCA-CSCS is extremely prestigious for individuals making personal training their career (which, obviously, nutrition is my intended career path, not personal training)
  • ACSM is more clinical and more applicable for those interested in rehab and hospital settings


So after reviewing all of this, I think I’m leaning towards the ACSM-CPT certification!


My Reasons:

  1. I will have more time to study for the ACSM exam (August 28th vs. the August 4th date of the NSCA exam).
  2. The ACSM-HFS cert was something I already knew I wanted to pursue after working with Carol this past Spring.
  3. The cost of the ACSM exam is slightly lower than the NSCA.
  4. I don’t know if this is true or not, but the ACSM cert seems to be more in line with my chosen career path.


Now all I have to do is round up some cash money and get started! Hello, early birthday present!

Any recommendations, suggestions, or advice as I begin my certification journey?

Do you have a ACSM/NSCA preference?

Later party people.




10 thoughts on “So You Wanna Become a Personal Trainer…

  1. Awesome info. That’s exciting you’re planning to do it! I’ve been looking in ISSA because I want to work more in strength training and the trainers I like seem to have an ISSA cert. I kind of wish there was just one. 🙂


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  3. I was looking at how many CSCS RD’s there currently are, and happened to stumble upon your website… AGAIN! Good luck with studying! I’m planning to take my CSCS exam soon now that I’m a RD 🙂


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