Recycled T-Shirt :: The T-Tank

Hey there!

Two posts in ONE day!


I was just too excited to wait until tomorrow.

So I was browsing the lovely Pinterest last night, when I came across such a fabulous, easy DIY project, that I actually DID!

Enter:  Recycled T-Shirt T-Tank

Hell to the YES!

Remember how I mentioned I have a million old race t’s… Well, now I have a use for them!

Okay, here’s how you do it:

1.  Find an old t-shirt.

2.  Cut off the sleeves and collar.

3. Create the straps. Starting about 1/2 an inch away from the neckline, cut a slight scoop, meeting the bottom of the now-removed sleeve.

4. Deepen the scoop of the neck.

5. Cut a deeper v into the back of the t, even with the bottom of the removed sleeve.

6. Using the bottom of the sleeve, tie a bow around the bottom of the straps.

7. Go for a run, lift weights, clean your house, or car {which mine desperately needs} in your new fabulous t-tank!

Yay! Pretty cute huh?

Much better than a baggy old t-shirt.

Three cheers for Pinterest!



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