July Is My Favorite Month

Annnnd, we’re back.

Long time no see!

Man oh man, have I been having a ton of fun in the month of July.

So much fun that my social media endeavors have certainly taken a back seat to in-person connections and adventures, which I am okay with. {Although, sometimes I do feel a little anxiety about not updating regularly.}

Let’s take a quick look back at what July {and late June} held:


Family Reunion:

At the end of June, my Gramma’s sister and brother-in-law celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!

I will refrain from bombarding you with the massive amount of pictures I took.


Chunky Carrot Guacamole:

Teaser Alert!

Lordy was this good.

Recipe coming soon to a computer near you.


I celebrated my birthday!

Complete with a trip to the farmer’s market, champagne, and carrot cake!

Man, I’m getting old…

As you may or may not notice, those happen to be some Instagram photos. [Follow me!]

Oh, yes!  Birthday girl got a new iPhone!

And a food processor!

Woohoo! Can’t wait to start whipping up some tasty treats in this baby.

Hope your July is going swimmingly as well!

Catch you on the flip side!


6 thoughts on “July Is My Favorite Month

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