I am OFFICIALLY a Dietetic Intern


First Day of Dietetic Internship Orientation… CHECK!

Let’s see, where to begin!

Well, let’s first start with the other girls and guy – Our intern group is awesome.  We have such a lovely, diversified group of people – not only in location {we are literally from all corners of the U.S.}, but also in background, education, interests, etc.  I can’t wait to learn from all of these fascinating, charming, intelligent ladies and gentlemen.

And then there is Dr. Swadener {pronounced suede [as in the leather]-ener}.  She is the coolest.  She seems so understanding, and friendly, and chill, and easy to talk to.  It really seems like she realizes that we are human and not homework machines.  I get the feeling that she works hard to make this internship the best it can possible be to ensure we have a positive, enjoyable experience, while learning a ton {and of what we want}.

So yeah… the people? I’m digging them.

The majority of the day was spent going over forms, competencies, schedules, dress code… kind of like a huge syllabus.

Day 1 handouts + flash drive with more!

There is definitely a lot to take in, but I’m not feeling overwhelmed yet.

My plan is to read over all of the information to make sure I have a good grasp of everything, and then fill in any blanks in my calender.  You really need to be looking ahead, as most preceptors request to be contacted a week or two before you begin their rotation.

Some rotations also require a little bit of homework before starting too.  For example, this summer I was to read a book {Nestle’s What to Eat was my choice}, but other sites require a little brushing up on past material {food exchanges, adj. body weight calculations, BGs, etc.}, familiarity with government regulations, and of course, additional reading to support the activities and tasks we will performing.

Case studies, papers, and projects will also be assigned during the rotation.

In addition to the assignments, we have to ensure that the preceptors cover all of the necessary competencies, as required by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Dr. Swadener provided a list of what we should be checking off at each site, but we have some freedom in requesting what we want to cover and learn.  I love that we have some say in our education.

As a reward for enduring the mountain of paperwork, Dr. Swadener treated us all to lunch at an awesome cafe downtown SLO, Big Sky Cafe.

Vegan and gluten-free friendly? Yes please!

Vegetable Stir-fry With Tofu & Crispy Sushi Rice :: Broccoli celery, spinach, carrots, snow peas & red peppers stir-fried with crispy sushi rice balls & tamari baked tofu cake

It was delicious.  So light and flavorful.  All of the girls everyone {I am really going to have to get used to the fact that there is a guy in the program} had good things to say about their meals.  I will definitely be back to check out the rest of their menu.  I am seriously going to go broke eating at all the amazing restaurants in SLO.

Tomorrow is another big day with the WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator!

Until then, signing out, Stephanie Wilson, Dietetic Intern {that sounds so cool!}.



4 thoughts on “I am OFFICIALLY a Dietetic Intern

  1. Ahhh you lucky girl! Enjoy my hometown area!! 🙂 I’m so excited that I happened across your blog because I am vying for that internship next year. I’m from the area but down in Long Beach,CA finishing up my last few classes before I apply for that internship for next year. I just have a question, you didn’t have to take the GRE for this internship right? Anyways, I am going to be following your blog all the time 🙂


    • Hi Maggie! I am sooo loving your hometown! Cal Poly didn’t require a GRE score for the application (woohoo!). Let me know if you have any more questions in the future, and good luck to you!!


  2. Thanks for posting the blog on wardrobe for dietetic interns! I was just curious to see if anyone had posted on this topic and found you! I will be commencing my dietetic internship through the Texas WIC Dietetic Internship January 7th, and am actually meeting my MNT and foodservice preceptors tomorrow! I hope your internship is going wonderfully! Best of luck!


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